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Financial Highlights

(Extracted from Annual Report 2016)

  1. Financial derivatives include currency option contracts and interest rate swaps.
  2. Total operating expenses includes all fees and charges paid to the Manager and interested parties (in both absolute terms, and as a percentage of the property fund’s net asset value as at the end of the financial year) and taxation incurred in relation to the property fund’s real estate assets.
  3. Taxation includes corporate tax, withholding tax and deferred tax

  1. Based on closing price as at 31 December 2016 of SGD0.37 cents.
  2. If the Master Leases for Lippo Mall Kemang, Palembang Icon and Lippo Plaza Batu were disregarded and instead the actual amount of rental paid by the relevant tenants is taken into account, the DPU in FY 2016 will be SGD2.72 cents (with annualised DPU yield of 7.35%). The rental received under the Master Leases for FY2016 is approximately SGD26.3 million, whereas the corresponding underlying rental is approximately SGD3.9 million. The Master Leases represents 14.0% of the total revenue of FY2016.

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